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We envision Proving Ground church as a place to test the truth in God’s word. Proving it against our present-day trials, differences, and difficulties, all while loving each other and our community through the process. We want the people of Proving Ground to lead by example in showing the love of Jesus, challenging people into a deeper relationship with Him. We want people who do not believe yet to ask the question “what’s different about those people?” We want people to bring their questions, their doubts, and their struggles to Proving Ground, proving that God can handle them all.

Join us on Sunday Mornings Live at 10:00AM

If you're not ready to join us live yet, you can join us online at the same time right  here: http://www.provinggroundchurch.tv

PGC Kids is now fully open and ready to serve your children.
PGC Kids is currently for 3 year old potty trained through 5th grade.

Latest Sermon 

Sermon: The Power of the Word
Nehemiah 8
Pastor Brian Preiser
This six-week sermon series over the book of Nehemiah tells the story of Israel’s rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Despite hardship and pain, the people of Israel saw firsthand how God fulfilled his promises spoken to Jeremiah during the exile. Then, the series draws out the ways God invites all of us to participate in building his kingdom.

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Join us Live Sunday mornings at 10:00 am or  online at www.provinggroundchurch.tv  Sundays at 10:00am

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