Our Story

How it all started...

Proving Ground Church is a church plant from the members and leadership of Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, New Jersey.  In January, 2020, Bayside Chapel purchased the property where Proving Ground Church sits today to take the lessons of a Christ centered life to the Lakehurst and Manchester communities to test whether or not the Christian faith truly works.

In March of 2020, the leadership of Proving Ground Church prayerfully considered how to serve in the midst of a global pandemic. Before the doors of the building were even open, we became the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the community through outreach events and discussions with community leaders and organizations.

Proving Ground Church opened it's doors in the fall of 2020 and continues to stand as a church that takes on the problems and questions of our age to test whether being a follower of Jesus is the correct path for our lives. Hundreds of people have joined us on our journey together, growing and learning in a fresh, down to earth and relatable way.  

Our story is not finished. Our mission statement is "Loving people where they are at because Christ loves us where we are." This means that people from all walks of life can grow and learn about God together and feel welcome. Each week, we aim to have people leave our building different than when they walked through the doors, knowing more about what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

 We love Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ loves you.
And we will prove it.