Mission & Core Values

The Mission

Loving people where they're at, because Christ loves us where we are.
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Core Values

The teachings of Jesus were refreshing to the people of that day because they brought with them the simplicity of having a relationship with God. Before Jesus, the people had years of doing things in vain. Jesus delivered a message that was New and Attainable; our Message at PGC needs to do the same.

As Jesus traveled and taught, He was focused on ministering to people. He met them where they were regardless of their condition and gave them Hope. As a result, Jesus changed all He encountered. PGC should continue to welcome our community as our Family and love them like Jesus loves us.

When Jesus taught, He was relevant to the people He engaged. He used examples, illustrations and language that were relevant to the people He was ministering to. Jesus’ delivery was very attractive, and on many occasions, instantaneously changed people. He freed people by engaging their Heart rather than the alternative of bondage to the Law. For us at PGC to continue to reach our community, we must be Relatable and Relevant.